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Gorgeous Pittsburgh Condo

The Pros and Cons of Condo Living in Pittsburgh

Should I live in a condo? 

This thought might be on your mind, especially if you’re debating between homeownership or simply renting an apartment. And whether you’re relocating or purchasing your first property, this is a crucial question to ask.

It’s also the most common. Pittsburgh home buyers often ask whether they should live in a house or a condo or patio home, so we thought we would take a moment to outline the pros and cons of living in a condo in Pittsburgh.

What Pittsburgh Condo Living is Like

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a condo is essentially a mix between a house and an apartment: You get the benefits of owning your own property, but you also get many of the benefits of apartment community living.

Here are a few key factors about Pittsburgh condo living to help you decide which type of home is the best fit for you.

The Community

PRO: Safety — Many condominium communities have on-site security guards, gated access, or other safety features that give condo owners peace of mind when they’re at home or away at work or on vacation.
CON: Rules & Lack of Privacy — Sharing walls with your neighbors is a drawback for many people, and there are community rules that you have to follow. You won’t have true peace and quiet that a house can often offer.

The Amenities

PRO: Ample Amenities — Having a place of your own with all of the amenities of an apartment complex? Yes! Many condo communities in Pittsburgh offer fitness centers, valet parking, and downtown views.
CON: No Yards — Of course, the nature of a condo community means you don’t have your own yard to plant flowers in or let your dog run around on. (But that means you don’t have to mow your lawn.)

The Living Space

PRO: Low Maintenance & Reserve Fund — You don’t have to mow the lawn, shovel the snow, or make your own repairs. Plus, the community has a reserve fund that saves up money for the big stuff: roof replacements, pavement resurfacing, and exterior painting.
CON: Less Storage — Space, unfortunately, is one factor that deters many potential home buyers from purchasing a condo over a house. Storage space is very minimal, so making the best use of all rooms, nooks, crannies, and storage areas is crucial.

The Cost

PRO: Affordable — If you want to purchase your own home, condos are an affordable alternative to buying a house, plus you have an unbeatable location in Pittsburgh. Affordable homes are often located well outside of the city’s borders.
CON: Monthly HOA Fees — However, living in a condo means you pay an additional monthly fee for maintaining the grounds and amenities, as well as for necessary repairs to units or shared features, on top of your monthly mortgage payments.

What are You Looking for in a Home?

We hope that this list of pros and cons helps you decide on your next home in Pittsburgh! If you’re still stuck, just talk to us about your dilemma, and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

If you’re thinking about buying a condo in Pittsburgh, we make it easy, from giving you our easy condo search by community to resources like home buyer FAQs and a mortgage payment calculator.

So now that you’ve reviewed the pros and cons of Pittsburgh condo living, what are you looking for in a home? Talk with us today by calling 724-344-4795 or emailing

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