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The Secret That Other Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You About Zillow

You may have heard that using Zillow is the worst way to search for homes, in Pittsburgh and in general. After all, a large national real estate site such as Zillow may often display “incorrect or outdated information,” according to this IndyStar article, and it has often caused headaches because of its inaccurate home value tool.

But using Zillow is quick and easy. Why should you spend extra time trying to find another method to search for properties when every other home buyer is using Zillow?

Should You be Using Zillow to Search for Homes?

woman typing on laptop keyboardEvery other real estate agent will tell you to avoid Zillow at all costs. But Zillow is actually a great way to start searching for homes.

You can easily put in a location and see all the listings pop up on an interactive map.

And when you want to narrow down your home search, all you have to do is sort by price, number of bedrooms, or features such as pet-friendly homes and on-site parking. It’s perfect! Right?

Zillow is Great, But…

Yes, Zillow is a great way to search for homes. But it does have its drawbacks.

If you’re searching for detailed information about a Pittsburgh-area neighborhood or a condo building, Zillow does not provide you with that information. You can glean some of the information from a listing description, but you will have to do a lot of research on the area for yourself. And that takes up valuable time that you could be spending viewing homes or planning for the move.

The Bottom Line

home buyers looking at a homeStart your home search on Zillow. But when you want to find local Pittsburgh area information all in one place — including local trends, resources for newlyweds, and a list of the best communities — visit our website. We know that you’re busy and want your home search to be easy. We’ll help you out.

Is there a home that you’re interested in that you would like to see? We’ll show it to you. Just call us at 724-344-4795.

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