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Why Selling a Condo Is NOT Like Selling a Home

spacious condo in PittsburghSingle-family homes and condominiums are drastically different when it comes to amenities and lifestyle, so it’s only natural that the home selling process is different, as well. Too often, however, condo owners assume they can use the same advice that applies to single family homeowners as they get ready to sell their property.

Having the right information is crucial when you’re selling your Pittsburgh condo, so we’ve laid out a few of the reasons why selling a condominium is different than selling a single-family home. Of course, if you have burning questions and can’t wait for an answer, feel free to call us at 724-344-4795!

Condominiums Have HOAs

Condo owners’ associations go hand-in-hand with the low-maintenance lifestyle that buyers crave. These associations are responsible for providing services like trash and snow removal, beautifying the common areas, and keeping the amenities in top shape.

condominium with beautiful curb appeal

Condo associations are responsible for the landscaping around your building.

While an association isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for buyers, it can certainly be a challenge if your monthly dues are much higher than neighboring buildings. In that situation, buyers may move on to other buildings unless they see that the amenities and location of your unit are worth the increase in fees.

Fortunately, selling your condo in a building with high fees isn’t a hopeless situation. A real estate team who specializes in Pittsburgh condominiums (like The Blonar Team!) can find you a buyer who is looking for the kind of lifestyle and services that your community offers.

Curb Appeal Is Irrelevant

You’ve probably seen plenty of home selling articles that talk about sprucing up your yard before a buyer shows up. When you own a condo, the good news is that you don’t have a yard to worry about! Homeowners have to mow the grass and keep the garden from filling up with weeds, but you can focus all of your time on making your unit look stunning.

Condo Buyers Want Different Things

balcony with a view of the river

While condos generally offer less space than homes, they boast a phenomenal location.

People searching for a single-family home are generally looking for more space, freedom to customize their home, and a little distance from the neighbors. People searching for a condominium want the exact opposite.

Knowing who your ideal buyer is will help you stage your home to its strengths and market it to the right people. A great real estate agent can help buyers fall in love with everything about your unit, which can lead to a higher and quicker sale.

Thinking About Selling? Let’s Talk

The bottom line? Condos and homes are like apples and oranges when it comes to selling. Each is going to be different. So if you’re considering selling your property, make sure that you sell your condo with a real estate team who knows how to market your unit and can find buyers who are looking for that low-maintenance lifestyle.

We’d love to show you how we can your condo sell quickly and for the most money possible. Call us at 724-344-4795 and let’s talk! If you’re ready to put your unit on the market, list your condo with us and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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